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Tiewell Fuzzle Dub

by Tiewell
Color: Black

Fuzzle dub was developed by legendary fly tyer Muz Wilson. Sadly Muz is no longer with us but his legacy lives on through this dubbing and the innovative flies he tied with it. Credit also goes to Peter Morse who came up with the idea of putting dubbing directly on to chenille and then teasing it out. Our friends in the US produced this video with Muz employing his fuzzling techniques. Give it watch and then get tying!

Our View
Originally lost due to labour intensive manufacture, this dubbing has been redeveloped and is available now in the two most killer colours there are - olive, and black. This material has a huge amount of static so it is magnatized to chenille and dubs easily. Apply more than you need and then tease it out thoroughly using velcro or Stonfo's dubbing brush.
Approximately one gram per pack.