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Born from a fusion of passion for fly fishing and cutting-edge design, Waterworks Lamson stands as a testament to what happens when fishermen turn their expert eye to the engineering of fly reels. With a history steeped in revolutionizing fishing through meticulous design and engineering excellence, every reel in our collection is a piece of perfection waiting to enhance your fishing adventure.


Waterworks Lamson

Why Choose Waterworks Lamson for Flyfishing?

In 1996, a visionary group of fishermen-designers from Idaho embarked on a journey to revolutionize the fly fishing world. Their innovative spirit led them to create Waterworks-Lamson, transforming the humble fly reel from a simple tool into a marvel of design and functionality. At The Flyfisher, we're proud to celebrate this legacy, offering an exclusive selection of Lamson reels that epitomize the pinnacle of innovation and craftsmanship.

Drawing from their pioneering experiences in high-performance cycling, the creators applied their technical prowess to reimagine the fly reel. The result is a distinguished lineup featuring ultra-large arbors, power arm frames, conical sealed drags, and integrated counterbalances. These groundbreaking innovations redefine what anglers can expect in terms of smoothness and reliability across every fly fishing scenario, from the challenges of saltwater to the finesse of two-handed casts.

For over two decades, Waterworks-Lamson has adhered to a philosophy of simplicity and functional design, crafting fly reels that stand as a testament to their commitment to excellence. This dedication is evident in every product, offering anglers a seamless blend of style and unparalleled performance. Whether navigating mountain streams or coastal waters, Waterworks-Lamson reels provide the precision and durability needed to elevate your fly fishing experience to new heights. At The Flyfisher, we invite you to explore our curated collection and discover the perfect reel to accompany you in pursuit of the ultimate catch.

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