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    Original price $339.80
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    The Flyfisher 299 Outfit (5 or 6 Weight)

    The Flyfisher

    DescriptionOf all the items in our store, our in-store packaged outfits are the product for which we're most proud. We pour a huge ammount of time ...

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    Original price $339.80
    Current price $299.00
    Save 12%
  • $549.95

    Vision Pike/Cod Outfit


    DescriptionPike outfit is a true gem for a person who wants to start catching big predators easily. The lightweight but powerful rod casts the famo...

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  • $299.95

    Redington Crosswater Combo


    DescriptionThe Crosswater combo is an easy to cast, moderate-fast action combo ideal for the fly angler who is just getting started. If you can s...

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