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Waste Disposal

Nothing makes us more sad than seeing a fellow flyfisher litter his tippet offcuts. Dispose of your tag ends easily and quickly by using this range of products.
  • $34.95

    Smith Creek Spent Line Wrangler

    Smith Creek

    The best of the tippet off-cut disposal units Easy to coil and to control your waste leader and tippet materials, the Spent Line Wrangler™ keeps ...

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  • Stonfo Waste Bin

    Stonfo Waste Bin


    Description Stonfo waste bin with antistatic mesh bottom, fully adjustable attaches on the vise stem. The waste bin can be immediately pulled o...

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  • $49.95

    Fly Tying Waste Basket


    Ideal for keeping your tying desk tidy. Only fits Renzetti Vises