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Our Team

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Andrew Fuller


The owner of the business, Andrew has fished for trout throughout Victoria, Tasmania, and Southern New South Wales. He has an outstanding knowledge of all things flyfishing and he relishes the opportunity to pass that knowledge on to anyone that visits the store. From beginner to expert, Andrew has the skills and experience to get you prepared for the next trip. He regularly travels in search of new flyfishing experiences and has ticked off most of the world's best flyfishing destinations and species.

In his limited spare time between work and flyfishing trips, you will find him tying flies, or researching the latest in new products and techniques. Andrew is a regular contributor to FlyStream Magazine, a member of the Victorian Flyfisher's Association and he advocates for the conservation of trout and habitat management in Australia. If you're looking for advice on flyfishing abroad, or after an item no one's heard of, then Andrew's your man.


Max is well known in fly fishing circles having written several articles on all things flyfishing and food. Max is devoted to our much loved local Victorian rivers, lakes, estuaries and beaches. He has travelled to far flung places such as the gulf of Mexico and the trophy waters of New Zealand. Max is chafing at the bit to share his knowledge and tales of travel with visitors (and maybe even his famous recipes!).



After a draining stint at university studying medicine, Forbes has taken a year off to recharge and devote time towards his passion for flyfishing. Forbes's flyfishing ability has developed rapidly thanks to some time in Tasmania and countless hours on our Victorian streams and lakes. Forbes is always open to trying different techniques and has actively worked to become a better, more adaptable flyfisher. Forbes has that level of keenness for flyfishing that few have - he froths on it. Not only has Forbes become a force to be reckoned with on the water, he also ties a beautiful fly.


Our youngest member of staff and an absolute flyfishing ninja, Peter is most at home tearing his way up a small stream in the north-east. More recently he has discovered lake fishing and after just a day of it, he was addicted. So addicted he jumped back in the car before sunrise to do it all again the next day... and that wasn't enough so he did the same thing again for a third day! Peter is the brains behind our podcast and he loves working the shop floor, helping people get the most from their flyfishing.

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One of the fishiest dudes we've ever come across, Kiel is an incredible flyfisher that loves to get people catching more. When not in the shop, he's guiding with the team at Wilderness Flyfishing or busy at the tying vice creating the deadliest bream patterns you'll ever see. Naturally, Kiel has flyfished nearly every inch of Victoria, the Snowies, and New Zealand but also further afield for bonefish and GT's. He's an expert when it comes to Victoria's challenging bream fishery and he froths on flyfishing so much he has a sweet mayfly tattoo on his arm.


Scott works with us casually in between guiding. His business Wilderness Fly Fishing, is Victoria's foremost guiding service. Of course, his guiding background makes Scott one of our most experienced anglers with an almost encyclopedic knowledge of local waters. He loves his local trout fishing but New Zealand also holds a special place. As well as trout, Scott has fished for many popular saltwater species on fly and has travelled to some of the worlds top flats fishing destinations. 


While not on the shop floor from day to day, it's easy to feel the presence of founder Jim Allen when you walk the floor of The Flyfisher. Ever the mentor to the younger team, Jim's years of experience as a world traveller, flyfishing pioneer, as well as his work in fisheries management and conservation are evident from the layout of the shop to the brands that are stocked. Jim is always close by for our team to draw on that wealth of knowledge and experience. His passion for it is as alive today as it was when he started The Flyfisher in 1967. It would be fair to say there'd be few amongst us that could claim to spend more days fishing any given season than Jim.