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Careers & Employment in Flyfishing


We're always on the hunt for good people that match our passion for gear and flyfishing.

We're the biggest fly shop in the Southern Hemisphere and we've got there by working hard while having fun. It's our positivity and willingness to share that makes us different.

You can have a fun and meaningful career in flyfishing!

BS aside - this is a dream job. You'll turn up to work with your mates and you'll find every day different. We constantly evolve and your job will never get old. On top of that, there will be unbelievable flyfishing opportunities, & generous pay with growth. 

Below you'll find more information on our current job availabilities.



Retail Floor Manager

Full time 7.5hrs a day 5 days Monday-Friday)
8:30am-5pm with 1/2hr Lunch and 1/2 hr Breaks
Location - 211 Moray St, South Melbourne.
Supervisor - Andrew Fuller (Director)

Remuneration $65-85K starting salary + Super depending on experience. Growth opportunity.
1 Month Trial

Our customers have high expectations when they shop with us. It's your job to live up to those expectations.

Mostly, Australia chooses to shop with us because we can answer their questions - and we're enthusiastic about our flyfishing.

Here’s some more detail in what our customers expect of us.

  • Respect. We offer advice only when it is asked of us. Listening is the key to showing respect, and that enables us to address the customers needs and wants.
  • They expect we’re familiar with the gear they’re currently fishing or interested in, whether it’s a brand we stock, or a brand we don’t stock.
  • They expect we know the gear they'll require for their chosen flyfishing expedition.
  • They expect we know the water they’re fishing whether we’ve been there or not.
  • They expect we are capable in rigging their gear to a standard better than they could.
  • They expect we’re passionate about kitting them out with the best gear they can afford.
  • They expect we can put together the things they’ll need to construct the fly they want to tie. 

The 5 main subjects in flyfishing retail are the following. 

  • Flyfishing gear
  • Flyfishing technique
  • Selling
  • Shop admin & merchandising
  • Customer service.

It's expected you will have a half decent knowledge of each of these subjects before you apply.

Main Responsibilities

  • Serving customers to a high standard, whilst maximising sales.
  • Keeping the retail shop clean and well organised
  • Packing and processing mail/online orders
  • Dealing with customer enquiries via phone and email
  • Processing rod repairs
  • Stock taking and ordering
  • Pricing and displaying stock


  • A passion for flyfishing and fly tying
  • Thirst for new and exciting gear - whether we stock it or not.
  • Positive, enthusiastic, motivated, and has a high level of attention to detail
  • Patience and understanding dealing with customers and staff.
  • Thrives working in a fast paced, diverse, and exciting environment.
  • You’re confident, communicate well, show initiative, and an ability to prioritise.
  • You understand the importance of greeting and helping customers and are able to maintain a positive and professional demeanour when under pressure.
  • You continually strive for new ways to increase the effectiveness of the team through process improvement and visual merchandising.
  • You share the company’s values and culture.

Performance Goals

  • Make a meaningful difference in pursuing our mission “Improve people’s lives and their connection with our fisheries and the outdoors; and make as many people as possible passionate to protect the wild places we love.”
  • Contribute in ways that extend beyond a job description
  • Refine your selling skills to be more concise - and more deadly!
  • Develop strong relationships with staff and customers
  • Think of and communicate ways we can improve
  • Constantly develop better product knowledge
  • Constantly refine your sales approach 


We're a team with lots of personality and we don't take ourselves too seriously. We're positive people and we live with passion on and off the water. Of course the flyfishing perks of this job are numerous and our mates are some of the best flyfishers in Australia.