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Tiewell Diamond Braid Assorted Colours

by Tiewell
This material is perfect for using for the body of all your streamers when you're wanting to create a little bit of bulk with some flash. Some flies that call for it in freshwater flies are machine stye zonker flies, woolly bugger variants and some smelt and Galaxia patterns. In the salt it can be used in pretty much everything, including clousers, surf candies, crazy charlies and CI specials, and any baitfish profile. Without a doubt this is a material you would want in a range of colours.
Our View
This material is used in pretty much everything. Basically, it's a flashy cord that offers an easy way to do bodies on any wet fly. Great colour range and about 3 metres of material in a pack.
About 3 metres of material. 23 Colours. Yep. That's a lot.