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Loon Waterbased Head Cement System

by Loon

For trout flies where you need a cement that soaks into the thread, this is the ultimate head cement system.


A thin, odorless, non-toxic water-based Head Cement with applicator system for precise applications. Never breathe toxic or smelly fumes again.

Directions for use:

Attach the applicator needle to the bottle or use the applicator brush on the lid. Apply the desired amount to the fly with the applicator needle or applicator brush. When finished, cover the applicator needle with the supplied cap or replace the lid to resist the drying of cement.


  • Thin head cement
  • Dries clear
  • Odor free
  • Water based
  • Includes Applicator brush
  • System comes with applicator needle for precision tying

Customer Reviews

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Gregg Jones
Not convinced

I am not convinced that water-based had cement is the best way to finish off the head of a fly. Most fly tying threads are pre-waxed, and I think the solvent based cement penetrates the thread much better and has a more attractive finish.