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Gulff Fluoro Colour UV Resins Classic Viscosity

by Gulff

Semi transcluscent fluorescent colours of the best UV resin on the market. Standard viscosity. 

Gulff makes a big range of fluoro coloured resin with the same user-friendly viscosity as the classic clear. This is great for filling in more of the fly making bigger wing cases or eyes but I don’t recommend using this for “hot spots” (the Ambulance is a better product for that). These resins differ to the Ambulance range with a thinner viscosity and translucence. They have less pigment and need shaking/mixing before use. The best way to describe these resins is that it’s the clear Classic mixed with a small amount of fluoro colouring pigment. These are better for applying more resin to the fly without the need to use clear resins over the top.

The only 100% covering resin on the market that combines a maximum fluorescent effect with a light capacitive feature for night fishing. These properties make this resin product quite a machine. This UV resin product family is probably the most popular and best-selling product in the market of coloured resins. The purpose of the product is to make the fly easily noticeable and extremely irritating. This has been successful, and the resin users swear by the name of the product. Fluorescent and glow-in-the-dark resin for impact points is easy to use and is ideal both for making new flies and for tuning old flies. Please note that due to the high pigment content, this product cannot be used on wide surfaces or in thick coats.