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Gulff Ambulance (Thick Viscosity) Coloured UV Resins

by Gulff
Color: Ambulance Orange


The Ambulance range is a range of ultra-thick viscosity, fluorescent and glowing coloured resins that have been designed to create “hot spots” on flies.

Our very own Ross Caton on the Ambulance range...

Gulff has gone heavy on the pigment making a very opaque resin. I like to use this in conjunction with the clear resins most of the time. It’s too thick to use for anything else other than hot spots. If I’m tying a Perdigon Nymph I might use Ambulance red for the wing case and Ambulance orange for the underside, but then still cover the entire fly in classic after. This gives you a really professional looking fly. I also like to create heads on big cod flies using Flexman, then add Ambulance purple to add a glow in the dark hot spot on the top and bottom of the head. This will definitely help with creating a unique fly that (you hope!) might fool the weariest of fish.


The products of GULFF undoubtedly represent the best quality, innovation and technology in the industry. GULFF extensive product range provides unlimited opportunities to create gorgeous flies and successful fishing. Thank you for making responsible choices as well. The raw materials and packaging materials of GULFF products have been specifically designed to meet the requirements of fly tying, user safety and environmental issues. For example the main raw material of UV resins is biodegradable, packaging is recyclable and the end result is non-sticky. GULFF is also the first and only manufacturer to comply unequivocally and responsibly with chemicals legislation and user safety related product and packaging regulations. GULFF’s ever-expanding portfolio includes more than 40 different fly fishing chemicals, from super glues to floatants, UV resins and wader repairs. 

The only 100% covering resin on the market that combines a maximum fluorescent effect with a light capacitive feature for night fishing. These properties make this resin product quite a machine. This UV resin product family is probably the most popular and best-selling product in the market of coloured resins. The purpose of the product is to make the fly easily noticeable and extremely irritating.  This has been successful, and the resin users swear by the name of the product. Fluorescent and glow-in-the-dark resin for impact points is easy to use and is ideal both for making new flies and for tuning old flies.  Please note that due to the high pigment content, this product cannot be used on wide surfaces or in thick coats.

Customer Reviews

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Alex Payne
Gulf Review

The product itself is excellent and easy to use.
Would be fantastic if there was a dark iridescent Blue and dark Rose Red