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C&F Design 1500+ Series Small Waterproof Fly Boxes


We love this new system from C&F: having the ability to add pages in and out of fly boxes without painstakingly removing and adding flies individually is a game changer. 


Fly box includes two system foam inserts, making it the perfect model for carrying a heap of flies in a small package. 

Standard CF-1555+

  • Designed to accommodate trout flies from sizes #12 to #18
  • Slots for 288 Flies

Midge CF-1577+

  • Designed for sizes #16 and smaller 
  • Stores up to 24 flies in a row
  • Slots for 336 flies.

Streamer CF-1500+

  • Long slots for all your meaty flies

Customer Reviews

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Paul Wheeler
Fly box

It’s as waterproof as other brands I have used. That’s super important to me. I purchased it primarily for dry flies, because it’s a bit deeper than other boxes. Other boxes I have were crushing some of my dry flies when the lid is closed. These boxes you can also change the inserts if you wish to suit your fly preferences and capacity. The dry flies I carry in it no longer get crushed and distorted.