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Vision XLV Reel

by Vision

These modern looking reels have a proper disc brake package, a real large-arbour design and an EVA handle which provides a solid grip even in wet conditions. The family contains two designs: 3-4, 5-6 and 7-8 have a V-shape in the chassis. The black 7-8 model has the Vision heraldic shape. One family, two designs. All moving parts are greased with SKF’s water resistant bearing grease.

Our View
We're big fans of this reel. Fully machined construction has eliminated any unnessesary material to greatly reduce the weight. The Redington Rise is a similar looking reel but considerably heavier which is why we choose to put these in our Flyfisher 899 outfit. For the price, they are hard to beat. New for 2019/20 is the black colour. Because the normal Olive colour looks so good, we're offering both.
  • Large arbour
  • V- or heraldic V- frame design
  • Smooth disc brake
  • Built in counter balance
  • SKF bearing grease
Line Diameter Volume Weight Capacity
#3-4 84mm 67cm3 110g WF4 + 60m 20lb backing
#5-6 95mm 74cm3 120g WF6 + 50m 20lb backing
#7-8 105mm 100cm3 135g WF8 + 130m 20lb backing