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Vision Onki Fly Rods

by Vision

It's not normal to find a Korean built rod at such an affordable price. Onki rods are without doubt the best value for money there is in this price range as they're a massive step up on anything built in China. Onki's are impeccably built plus they're a super smooth casting tool and a pleasure to fish.

Onki (Finnish for rod & line) consists of 11, carefully created, medium-fast actioned rod models that cover most of the situations anglers face when fishing for normal freshwater species on creeks, rivers and on various stillwater/reservoir destinations.

Based on our long history with true classics like the 3Zone and the Nite/Nite Catapult, these four piece, Korean made, high quality rods have green olive blanks with graphite grey screen markings. The quality of high-modulus Korean graphite (40 tn) is something you normally find only in more expensive rods and it enabled us to create a very light and sensitive rod. The rest of the components are of great quality as well. For example the handles have narrow rubber/cork reinforcements to make them more durable. With these rods your money is truly well spent.


- Medium fast action
- Light and sensitive
- Four piece rods
- High-modulus Korean graphite (40 tn)
- Green olive blanks with graphite grey markings
- Four different handles based on lineweight

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Vision Onki 10' #6

Very nice rod. Medium fast action suits me well. I paired the rod with a Loop Still Water line and they work very well together. The reason I chose the 10 foot model was for the smaller size grip which is a half wells, This fits my hand much better than a full wells. Overall, this is a very nice action rod to cast and laying out line is very easy with this rod. Maybe add some alignment dots but I'm very happy with thw way this rod performs.

3 month update on the Onki 10' 6wt

3 months on of owning this rod I thought this would be a useful review for those contemplating the Onki 10' 6wt. Whilst still in love with the blank, sadly the cork has gone into self-destruct mode with rapid deterioration to the level where I do not think the cork will allow the rod to be fishable within 6 months. The cork grade is absolutely shocking and whilst the Fly Fisher have not hesitated in offering my money back or a replacement bottom section for $80, it is incredibly disappointing that Vision compromised on the cork. It is no good having a good blank with a handle that will be rendered useless in less than a year of use. My real option now to salvage the situation so that I can continue the rod for many years to come is to rebuild the handle and grip with decent components that are readily available for the same price as a new butt section. Something I should not have to be doing, regardless of the fact that it is 'only' a $500 rod. At first I thought I may have been unlucky with a one off bad cork, but have been advised that it is more than likely a replacement will have the same quality. It is a shame as the rod is a nice blank and Vision will lose sales unless they lift their complete product quality. The fact that componentry is from Asia is no excuse, some of the best and worst comes from there, they just need to source the good stuff! They are letting their retailers and more importantly their customers down if they don't address this.

10ft 6wt Vision Onki - an ideal boat rod.

I am fortunate to live 5 minutes from a superb lake that has great mayfly hatches and to get the best out of loch style drifting a 10ft rod is an asset. I had read a lot of good reports on the Vision Onki and it has not disappointed. Light, true to cast and effortless, its (what I would call) medium action is perfect for all day fishing out of the boat. I have had around half a dozen trips out with it in the month that I have owned it and with probably 25 fish to the boat it has quickly become a favourite. It is a softer tip rod, but that lends itself to the ease at presenting dries or fishing two flies loch style and that all important lift or draw as you hang the flies. The rod offers superb control and is a pleasure to fish with, whether fishing floating or intermediate lines. My only negative comment is why for $500 isn't there a fly keeper as that would also overcome the lack of rod section aligners? A small but practical oversight. The rod cosmetically grows on you and I actually love its distinct look. Fittings are nothing extraordinary, for me the value is in the rod action, balance and suitability for what I do and whilst I own many lovely fly rods, this is a lovely fly rod for the boat. As with so much fly gear there is a lot of smoke and mirrors in brands and quality of fly blanks. I would not class this as a cheap rod, but I would class it as a very fishable and enjoyable rod. Time will tell the story, but in its first month I am loving it.