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Trout Hunter Fluorocarbon Tippet

Offering excellent knot strength and abrasion resistance, TroutHunter is the best-performing fluorocarbon on the market. Like their nylon tippet, the fluorocarbon spools are a misty brown polycarbonate large arbor spool, which allows for low material memory and easy handling in a stackable, compact design. They also feature TroutHunter’s premium rubber tippet tender which protect the tippet and allow for size identification. Available in 0X through 6X on 50-meter spools.
Our View
This is strong stuff and comes on a handy spool design.
Fluorocarbon 0X 1X 2X 3X 4X 4.5X 5X 5.5X 6X
Diameter (mm) 0.285mm 0.260mm 0.235mm 0.205mm 0.185mm 0.165mm 0.148mm 0.138mm 0.128mm
Breaking Strength (kg) 7.1kg 6.0kg 5.0kg 3.9kg 3.2kg 2.7kg 2.2kg 2.0kg 1.7kg
Breaking Strength (lb) 15.7lb 13.2lb 11.0lb 8.6lb 7.1lb 6.0lb 4.9lb 4.4lb 3.7lb