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Tiewell Slotted Tungsten Beads

by Tiewell

Often times that trophy trout will be holding in a deep pocket, far below the faster current near the surface. A tungsten bead is the only way to get your fly where it needs to be, right in the mouth of that monster brown. These Tiewell Tungsten Beads are slotted to fit jig hooks. Available in a number of colours this range of beads is deadly!


Premium Slotted Tungsten Beads. 20 Pack.

Slotted beads are designed for jig style fly hooks. They enable to fly to ride hook point up and so tend to snag on the bottom less often.

2.5mm // Hook Size Guide #14,16,18
3mm // Hook Size Guide #12, 14, 16
3.5mm // Hook Size Guide #10, 12, 14
4mm // Hook Size Guide #8, 10, 12

Note some heavy wire hooks may not fit certain beads. Use the size guide to select the most ideal sized bead for the hook you're tying on.

Customer Reviews

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Jon G
We got both kinds ... Slotted and Tungsten

no surprises here.