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Tiemco TMC212Y Dry Fly Hooks

by Tiemco

Specifically designed for very selective trout like Japanese Yamame. ('Y' in the model name stands for Yamame as well as on TMC102Y.) The latest curved shank hook with a very wide gape for dry flies hanging on the surface. Good for floating nymphs, emergers and hanging parachutes.

  • Sizes Available: 11, 13, 15, 17
  • Dry Fly, D/E, 4XS, 5XW, Forged
  • Box Quantity: 20
  • Finish: Black-Nickel
  • Fly Hook Chart by Tiemco:

Our View
  • Since 1984, Tiemco's unique designs are created by Fly-Anglers specifically for fly fishing.
  • Finishes are deep, smooth and durable. The Bronze, the Nickel-Plate & the Black-Anodized hooks are uniformly coated to ensure quality.
  • Each TMC hook is perfectly tempered and forged for maximum strength to weight ratio.