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Tiemco TMC200R Nymph/Dry Fly Hooks

by Tiemco

A straight-eye nymph and dry fly hook that incorporates a gradually sloping bend to better imitate curved insect bodies. Because this design is 3X-long with a sloping bend, the hook point is semi-dropped for better penetration and holding. 

  • Sizes Available: 10, 12, 14, 16
  • Nymph & Dry Fly, Straight eye, 3XL, Standard wire, Semidropped point, Forged
  • Box Quantity: 20
  • Finish: Bronze
  • Fly Hook Chart by Tiemco:

Our View

This is a great hook for tying klinkhammers and stimulators.

  • Since 1984, Tiemco's unique designs are created by Fly-Anglers specifically for fly fishing.
  • Finishes are deep, smooth and durable. The Bronze, the Nickel-Plate & the Black-Anodized hooks are uniformly coated to ensure quality.
  • Each TMC hook is perfectly tempered and forged for maximum strength to weight ratio.