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The Flyfisher 599 Outfit (3 to 8 weight)

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Unbeatable value for money and a perfect starting point for you foray into flyfishing.

Of all the items in the store, our packaged outfits are the product for which we're most proud. We pour a huge amount of time and effort into putting these packages together so someone starting out in flyfishing begins with gear that accelerates their learning and optimises enjoyment. There are many pre-packaged outfits available to us, but we prefer to select and match items without being confined to just one brand. After all, it's unlikely the best fly rod company would also be the best fly line company...

Our outfits evolve every year as new rods, reels and lines become available and that's why our outfits will always offer the best performance for dollar.

In comparison to our $299 outfit, we see a substantial upgrade in all items and what you'll find is an outfit that is comparable in performance to the top US made gear. If you're willing to invest within this price range, you'll get yourself and outfit that you'll forever enjoy fishing. The rods are all covered by a generous ten year warranty. The Flyfisher 599 is available in a wide range of line weights and so if you're simply wanting to expand your range, these are a great option.

Currently, this is what we offer in our The Flyfisher 599 Outfit.

ROD - Eden Advance Series 4pc Fly Rods ($349.95RRP) 3wt 7'6", 4wt 8ft, 5wt 9ft & 6wt 9ft. OR Airflo Coastal 9ft 8 weight.
These rods are designed according to line weight. In the lighter line-weight you'll find a smooth, medium action then as you jump up in line weight the rods become faster in action to help with distance and casting larger flies. For the money, the Eden Advance series rods are simply the best. The Airflo Coastal are perfect for inshore salt and heavy freshwater.

REEL - Eden HX 5/6, or 7/8 Fly Reel ($219.95RRP-$249.95)
The HX reels feature a strong, sealed drag system inside a fully machined aluminium body. The HX is the entry point into a fully machined reel and they offer value not seen in other reels. Fully machined reels are simply lighter, stronger and more corrosion-resistant than cast models. Their true large-arbor design increases line retrieval speed and helps stop coiling/tangling in fly line. The drag in these reels is similar to that found in US made reels at more than double the price. 
*Vision Hero 3/5 Fly Reel on 3 & 4 Weight. Same grade and quality as the Eden HX...

LINE - Airflo SuperFlo Elite
The ultra slim running lines allow for effortless casting and combined with the well-loved Elite taper, Airflo may have just set the new standard for premium presentation lines.

LEADER & BACKING - Scientific Anglers 30lb Dacron and Frog Hair Stiff Butt Supple Tip Leader ($29.95RRP)
Whether you're spending a thousand dollars on an outfit or $299, this is our preferred leader and backing setup. The Stiff Butt Frog Hair leaders make turning over your fly easy.


We offer this outfit in line weights 3-8 to cover all the different flyfishing styles and situations you're likely to encounter.

As an analogy, there's no one golf club that will get you through a full round easily... and flyfishing isn't dissimilar. We select an appropriate line weight that will suit the majority of situations we're likely to fish.

In choosing a line weight, you might think it would come down to the size of fish we want to catch; but it doesn't at all. You can catch just as big a fish on a 6 weight as you can on a 3 weight. The most important thing to consider is the weight of the fly (or rig) you want to cast. For example, if you're fishing a big river in New Zealand, you might have a large indicator with two bead head nymphs on the end. That's considered a substantial amount of weight (and air resistance) to cast on a 3, 4 or even 5 weight line, and so for that, we'd opt for a 6 weight as the ideal line weight. What follows is a summary to divide each line weight and help you choose.

If you find you get right into flyfishing, it's inevitable you'll add to your collection with rods in different line weights as you look for more specialised tools for the flyfishing situations you wish to tackle. However, of all the rod weights out there, the 9ft 6 weight is the easiest to cast and the most versatile. The 6 weight is capable in most situations and is ideal on larger rivers and lakes. For an Australian trout flyfisher, you'll find that even if you do expand your range of rods, the 6 weight will always see lots of use.

Of course, we've tried to keep this as simple as possible. If you'd like further or more in-depth advice based on where you're fishing, feel free to give us a call on (03)96211246. This isn't buying broccoli at the grocery store - it's far more important... and fun! Just remember that we're here to help and we love talking flyfishing... so get in touch!

3 Weight Outfit

Flyfishing small streams or "twig water" as it is affectionately known here, is one of the most exciting forms of flyfishing. In Victoria we are blessed with a huge number of trout packed creeks that are often overgrown, and for that, you need a short three weight that is more easily managed in the pokey stuff. Best of all, three weight rods are super light and they bend very easily, making catching small fish a pure joy.

4 Weight Outfit

If all you fished was Aussie rivers and you wanted one rod that could do pretty much all of it, this is it. The 4 weight is light enough that you can fish a tiny dry with delicacy, but if you wish to throw a hopper, or a dry fly with a nymph underneath, you can. What it can't do is cast a big streamer, or cope with a lot of wind in exposed valleys or lakes... and so for that you'd ideally bump up a line size or two...

5 Weight Outfit

The most popular line weight the world over, a 5 weight has the power to make learning to cast easy, and allows you to fish bigger rivers and lakes. If you're just starting out, this would be the minimum weight we'd suggest starting with. With a 5, you'll be able to get the fly where it needs to be to catch fish, sooner than if you start with something lighter. A 5 weight is ideal for casting a bit of weight or an air resistant indicator and it can cope well in wind. It's not the ideal choice, but it can be used for the majority of lake fishing as well. A true all-rounder.

6 Weight Outfit

We recommend a 6 for quick, accurate casting on lakes, fishing streamers, for bigger rivers where we might be fishing heavy nymphs, and for fishing in windy places like Tassie or New Zealand. A 6 weight is also perfect for fishing from a boat if that's your jam. If you could pick one line weight to learn to cast with, the 6 weight is the one... but equally it's a rod that will see a lot of fishing, as trout seem to love windy places...!

8 Weight Outfit

This is the ideal line weight for the vast majority of in-shore saltwater flyfishing, or for fishing for smaller natives in rivers like Murray Cod and bass. With an 8 you'll be well equipped to cast most lighter weighted streamers and shrimp/crab patterns. For bonefish in skinny water - this is the ideal line weight. For barra - we prefer the 8 over anything else because of the amount of casting involved.

Customer Reviews

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Drew Hedington

Very satisfied. Cheers

Russell Mason
599 Outfit, 6WT

This is an excellent combo. I bought it for my son to start him off in flyfishing and I thoroughly enjoyed using it myself while instructing him. The action is very responsive and it was super accurate casting even tiny flies. No fish caught yet but I can't wait.