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Stonfo Dubbing Brush Device

by Stonfo

Accessory for rotary vises, specially designed to make dubbing brushes of 23 cm max. The table, steady and with adjustable height, allows to apply easily various types of material on the metallic wire. A special niche facilitate a precise cut of these materials to the desired length.

Our View
Accessory for making dubbing brushes of 23 cm. You can make brushes of any width or blend. Add a Stonfo Turbo Spinner to speed up the process even more.

How to use the Dubbing Brush Device:

  1. Attach a wire or tying thread
  2. Shorten the material or a mix of materials to the right length using the cutting table (e.g. Dubbing, Flash, etc.)
  3. Put the material on the working plate (adjustable height)
  4. Bring back the wire or tying thread
  5. Descend the working plate
  6. Twist the wire or tying thread

With only little material you create tough brushes (e.g. a flash hackle), which can be used to tie streamer bodies. Filigree dubbing brushes can be used to tie nymphs or dries instead.

We were amazed about Stonfo’s idea right away, because you can save time, money and last but not least: nerves. Everybody knows how challenging it can be to tie a flash hackle with thin fibers and a regular dubbing twister :)

Tip: Use a needle to open loops created while twisting the material. Your brush will look much better! Of course you can use some dubbing wax on the wire or tying thread too. It'll help to keep the material in position.

Customer Reviews

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Custom Brush Maker

I recently purchased the Stonfo Dubbing Brush machine & Turbo Spinner. Brilliant bit of kit. Easy to use & colour blends are now endless. I would recommend the .006 wire.