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Stonfo Disgorger

by Stonfo

High quality disgorger with shaped tubular head, designed for a quick hook release without damaging fly or fish. Produced with very strong material and with anatomic rubber handle. Fantastic for every kind of fishing it is indispensable for the catch and release. Equipped with eyelet to hang it on a tool holder.

Size 1: for hooks from 16 to 28

Size 2: for hooks from 8 to 16

Size 3: for hooks of 8 and over

Our View

When practising catch and release it is important to take proper care of the fish. Sometimes fish will swallow a fly and it can be stuck deep. The traditional method of using forceps to dislodge the fly can hurt a fish if it is hooked too deep. The Stonfo Disgorger not only makes this process incredibly easy, but it also keeps from harming the fish. A must have tool for any conscious angler.