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Smith Creek Rod Clip


The Smith Creek Rod Clip™ is a wearable fishing rod holder that holds a fishing rod so that angler’s hands are free to tie on a fly, changing a lure, bait a hook or show off that trophy fish they've just landed. It holds a rod securely and out of the way and it can’t be accidently knocked free. Besides keeping grit out of a reel, the Rod Clip™ also keeps an outfit above the salt out of the mud. And finally, no more having to lay a rod on the ground while releasing a fish.

Rod Clips™ are good for all types of fishing and work with most sizes of rods. Putting a rod in and out of the clip is an easy single-handed operation that becomes second nature on the first day. Rod Clips™ aren’t only for trout fishermen with a fly rod, bass, salmon / steelhead, spin and saltwater anglers will also love using them. They’re built Smith Creek® tough from anodized marine grade aluminum and the custom-made zingers have been tested to over 50,000 pull cycles without failing. Even so, they’re compact, lightweight, and anglers don’t know they’re wearing it until they’re using it.

Designed for use with light to medium weight outfits up to: ½-inch (13mm) diameter and maximum weight of 1 ½ lbs.

Our View

Smith Creek has done it again with their Rod Clip. It's one of those tools that at first glance you may think "Nah, not necessary." We said the same thing. BUT once you actually use this on the river you will be stunned by how convenient and useful these clips are. Your rod sits balanced and secure in the clip leaving both of your hands free to properly release a fish, tie on flies, remove a hook, any number of constant motions that we often do with our reels buried in the mud and our rods gripped under our arms. Not only does the Rod Clip keep your hands free, but it also keeps your rod and reel safe from being damaged when set down. Give the Rod Clip a try, and you will never go fishing without one!

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Norman R.
Not used yet

Looks good and my simulated use out the back showed how it works. I think it will be a good product on the river as it will control the rod when unhooking trout.