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Smith Creek Net Holster


It can often be a long hike to get to the best water and one day, while untangling my net from a bush for the 100th time, I came up with a better way to carry that all important part of a fly fishing kit. For years I'd do what one of my professional guide friends did and stuck the net handle in my wading belt behind my back. We've worn many a hole in the back of our waders that way and it's an unwelcome surprise when freezing cold water suddenly runs down your backside, usually in the middle of winter. A few dozen prototypes and many fishing / field-testing days later (yes, someone had to do it), I'm thrilled with the Net Holster. It works great, and it sure beats trying to clip a net behind your back. 

Our View

There are many different methods to carry your net, not all are created equal. Smith Creek has found the perfect combination of safety and convenience. With the Net Holster your net will always be at the ready, but the holster style that attaches to your wading belt keeps it out of the way and secure. You will never have to wonder if your net is still attached to your back.