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Senyo's Laser Dub

Color: Black

A unique custom mix that Harline Dubbin developed along with fly designer Greg Senyo. We are not kidding when we say that Laser Dub has hundreds of uses for the contemporary fly tyer. Use it to make great looking bodies on nymphs and dry flies, or pick out some brighter colours to make your intruders and other steelhead patterns explode under water. For streamers, it can be used to make wings and collars, but it really seems to shine for making incredible veiled wool-style heads. It can be used as wings, collars, dubbed bodies or veiled-wool style heads. It is a mix of Ice Dub and 1-1/2" acrylic staple fiber. A must for Salmon, Steelhead and saltwater patterns,

Our View
This dubbing blend is a must-have, especially when tying saltwater patterns or even salmon and steelhead flies.