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Scientific Anglers XTS Gel Spun Backing


If you’re looking for the best backing available, nothing can beat the XTS gel spun backing. With a diameter a fraction of the standard material, XTS retains its strength in the water, offers extreme abrasion resistance, and can fend off the worst the elements have to offer.

This is no ordinary braid line and has been our preferred option - especially for saltwater - for a long time.

Our View
This is a high quality braid backing for spooling saltwater reels. The diameter is very small for added capacity. This is our preference for all reels as far as backing is concerned.
  • Micro-diameter gel-spun polyethylene allows up to 75% more capacity than standard material
  • Retains 100% strength while wet
  • High abrasion resistance, high visibility, impervious to UV rays, gas, salt, and other elements
  • Smooth coating and low coefficient of friction (COF)
30lb / 13,6kg 0.014” / 0,36mm 100yd / 91,4m
30lb / 13,6kg 0.014” / 0,36mm 250yd / 228,6m
30lb / 13,6kg 0.014” / 0,36mm 500yd / 457,2m
50lb / 22,7kg 0.016” / 0,41mm 250yd / 228,6m
50lb / 22,7kg 0.016” / 0,41mm 500yd / 457,2m