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Rio Tippet Rings

by Rio

These are strong tippet rings made of round metal which won't cut your line. Beware of cheap imitations!


Tippet Rings are small, very strong and lightweight, and make rigging and tippet replacement fast and easy. A leader with a tippet ring turns over perfectly, and they are light enough to use when fishing dry flies. Just tie the tippet ring to a leader with a clinch knot, and then add the required tippet in the same way.

Tapered leaders last longer with a tippet ring as the leader will not be shortened every time the angler replaces the tippet. Tippet rings also make it extremely easy to add droppers, and are an excellent choice for European Style Nymphing and for Indicator nymph fishing. Make rigging and tippet replacement easy.

  • 10 tippet rings per pack
  • Size 2mm & 3mm 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Warren Sharpe OAM
Rio tippet rings

Tried these for first time on a lake. They got a real test when 2 x 5lb plus rainbows took me well past my fly line into the backing. Added an extra confidence compared to line to line knots 👍

Henry Huchinson
Rio tippet rings

Find it easy changing tippet from 1fly to 2 flys or nymph under dry

Joshua Winters
Tippet rings

A great way to replace tippet’s without replacing your entire leader, doesn’t affect the performance of the leader/energy transfer at all