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Premium Staff Picked Fly Selection - Mitta Mitta River System


This premium collection of flies has been hand-selected by our knowledgeable staff for targeting trout in the Mitta Mitta River system.  

With all of us here fishing so frequently, combined with the constant flow of reports by customers and guides, we're well qualified to curate the most deadly assortment of flies for your trip to the Mitta Valley.

When we put these together, we're anticipating you'll be fishing the following waters.

  • Mitta Mitta River
  • Gibbo River
  • Cobungra River
  • Bundarra River
  • Middle Creek
  • Snowy Creek
  • Victoria River

This deadly assortment of 24 flies (12 dries & 12 nymphs) is near guaranteed to get you onto fish in the area. What's more, your fly selection will come supplied in our best Eden shirt pocket fly box. These durable fly boxes are double-sided so you can separate your wets from your dries - and they're waterproof so if you fumble and drop it in the drink, you'll be able to recover it!