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Kate Mclaren


This Scottish wet fly will take you back in time with its traditional pattern, but it has stood the test of time. Fish today love it just as much as they did nearly 90 years ago.

The Kate McLaren is a Scottish wet fly invented by William Robertson in the 1930's. It is a very effective wet fly when fished on the bob as part of a team of flies for traditional loch style fishing. It is also extremely effective for Rainbow trout as well as brownies. Fulling Mill wet flies are all tied with the finest hackles and materials available.

Please Note: This fly is tied on the Fulling Mill Short Shank Special Hook, code 31510. This hook has a standard size hook gape, with a shank length one hook size smaller E.G size 10 looks like a size 12. Therefore, the actual size of the fly you buy, may look one size smaller than stated.