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Gulff Clear UV Resins 15mL

by Gulff
Without a doubt, the best of all the UV resins out there.

The four main clear UV resins from Gulff are as follows:

Thinman - Thin viscosity. Great for trout flies and a perfect head cement option. Dries hard, clear and tack free 

Classic (normal) - Medium viscosity. Great all round thicker resin. Dries hard, clear and tack free

Fatman - Thick viscosity. Great for saltwater flies. Dries hard, clear and tack free

Flexman - Medium viscosity. Great for creating heads on big predator flies and securing eyes. Dries soft, flexible, clear and tack free.

These resins are great for most of your fly-tying needs, they dry crystal clear, tack free and never yellow over time. I like to use the Thinman as a UV curing head cement. The Classic is a great all round option from creating wing cases to securing eyes that creates a more durable fly.

Our very own Ross Caton on the range of Gulff clear resins

The Fatman is my ‘go to’ surf candy and saltwater fly resin.  It’s the perfect thickness so you can apply a lot of resin without fear of it dripping or running where you don’t want it to go. My all-time favourite clear resin is the Flexman.   It dries clear, flexible and still 100% tack free. I love this resin for creating soft heads on all my big cod flies. I also use it to secure stick on eyes. Being flexible, this is the best resin to secure eyes so that they won’t fall off even after being eaten by a big angry fish. This resin won’t split or crack if you happen to cast your fly into a tree, bank or boat, so it’s great for creating  the most durable flies. If I had to pick one resin to use for the rest of my life it would be the Flexman. 

The highest quality of all the UV resins and truly tack free.

  • Always tack-free and crystal clear finishing
  • Cures in few seconds (3-4 seconds)
  • Manufactured by using G2 high quality resin materials.

Customer Reviews

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Ryan Dunn
Good stuff!

Dries hard, not tacky and gin clear! Does everything it says it does and I will be buying more!