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Fly Tying Mystery Boxes

by Tiewell

HUGE fly tying VALUE  


We have put together mystery fly tying boxes of run out Tiewell products. You will get 4X the value paid in materials, in any box. 


The $25 box contains a random selection of the following: ($200+ Value)

  • X3 Packets of Streamer Hair
  • X2 Packets of Dubbing
  • X4 Packets of Chenille 
  • X4 Packets of Yarn  
  • X5 Packet of Sparkleflash Maxibraid
  • X1 Packet of Hooks


The $50 box contains a random selection of the following: ($400+ Value)

  • X2 Natural products 
  • X2 Packets of hooks 
  • X6 Packets of streamer hair
  • 3X Packets of dubbing  
  • X10 Packets of chenille 
  • 3 Packets of lace/yarn 
  • X3 Foam 
  • X1 Tool 


The $100 box contains a random selection of the following: ($600-1000+ Value)

  • X30 Packets of chenille/yarn
  • X3 Packets of Hooks 
  • X2 Natural products  
  • X5 Diamond braid 
  • X5 Packets of Dubbing
  • X6 Sparkleflash Maxibraid
  • X2 Tools
  • X3 Packets of eyes  
  • X6 Packets of streamer hair


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
darren macqueen
mystery boxes

i found the mystery boxes disapointing the add for them showed far more variety in the colours of materials than you actually recieved. also the hooks lacked variety in sizing most were sizes 20 and 24 well below the size i use

Super Happy!

I knew this was a good deal, but I wasn’t expecting to get as much as I did! Really great value and some fun materials in there too, can’t wait to get creative with them! Highly recommend buying the mystery box, you won’t be disappointed.

Fantastic treasure box

Really well thought out, amazing value, collection of materials for Salt flies. A lifetime's supply! Some real gold in there.

Sam Brown
$50 mystery box

Good assortment of materials I may have never normally bought, got me thinking outside the box for tying flys.

Scott Lipscombe

Fly Tying Mystery Boxes