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FlyLab Focus Euro Nymph Reel 0-5wt

by Fly Lab

This is a light nymphing reel that will not fatigue you after a few hours of fishing, great bang for buck!


The FlyLab Focus is a custom european nymphing reel designed to balance longer rods, not catch a euro line in the frame and spin freely for fast retrieves - all whilst being stylish enough so it's comfortable on a podium, just like you.


  • Fully machined frame and spool from 6061 aircraft grade aluminium
  • Fully caged frame design to improve balance and prevent thin euro lines from slipping between spool and cage
  • Free running disc drag system so reel can be spun to collect line without having to wind the handle
  • Low capacity v cut spool design to compensate for low diameter Euro lines
  • Low flash matt carbon finish
  • Type 2 anodised for durability and corrosion resistance
  • One size

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Frank Garoeneveld

FlyLab Focus Euro Nymph Reel 0-5wt

Great reel

This little gem doesn’t have the name, or price tag, of the majors but so far it certainly performs. Having used it for around a week on the stream, and my buddy having bought two, and used his pair more than me, we are certainly very happy so far. The reel balances out my 10’6” and 11’ nymphing rods beautifully. Certainly not as light as my rods are, but as you will know the length of the lever dictates the weight to balance the rod.
As a famous man once said “Do yourself a favour” and try this one yourself.