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Bassano Roy Gold Tungsten Bead (BARBLESS) #10


Tassie flyfishing guide Christopher Bassano on his Roy fly...
Top Australian angler, Craig Carey developed this fly and we named it after one of his daughters. It is reliable, colourful and attractive! This is the sort of fly that the fish can turn on and off to from day to day. When they are on it, you may as well have three of them on as they will not eat anything else. Having said that, it is more of a middle or top dropper fly and works best with a steady "pull, stop" retrieve. Unlike the McGoo, this fly seems to work better, the deeper the water is. In clear water, it can spook the fish from time to time hence, if you don't catch anything on it within an hour or so, take it off. Barbless..

Our View
This is a great fly fished in a team of wets.
Size #10