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Bassano Claret Nymph - Copper


This is a brilliant all-purpose nymph for high or coloured water. Also great for getting down to weedbeds on lakes.

Tassie flyfishing guide Christopher Bassano on his Claret Nymph...
The copper tungsten beaded fly works best when there is a little colour in the water. Fished deep and slowly over weed beds, this fly also catches plenty of fish on the "hang" at the boat as it is drawn up and stopped. In a team of drab flies, this is often just what is needed to induce a take. 

Both the black and copper-headed nymphs work very well on the rivers in smaller sizes such as 14 and 16. Either under a dry fly or in a team of nymphs fished upstream, they are deadly. If things are quiet, use the copper bead but if the water is low and clear late season, the black bead provides the subtlety you often need. Barbless.

Available in sizes #12- #16.