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Bassano Claret Carrot Fly (Barbless)


Tassie guide Christopher Bassano on the Claret Carrot fly...

The carrot fly was introduced to Australia by famous English fisherman, John Horsey. The original pattern was orange in colour but all other colour variations were used. As claret is a particularly good colour in Australia when our mayflies are hatching, the claret carrot was always going to be successful. Originally designed as a ‘sighter’ fly when using a three fly rig, the claret carrot is very much a fish catcher on its own. This is a top dropper fly. The floatability of the fly makes it perfect for ‘pulling’ along the surface but it is eaten static just as often. Large sizes are the norm as the bulk adds to its effectiveness. When mayflies abound, this fly is at its best and even more so when there is a good wave. For one of my guides, this is the number one fly for ‘shark fishing’ on Great Lake because it is so easy to see and readily eaten. Although you can use this fly in a ‘nymph under dry’ rig, it is better used in a team and when you are trying to pull fish to the surface when there appears to be nothing happening. Barbless.

Our View
This is a must have pattern for fishing loch style or to dun feeders.
Size #12