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C&F Flex Clip-On Reel With Scissors (Scissors With Attached Zinger) CFA-72/WS


For those who prefer scissors over nippers when on the water.


A small pair of scissors on a clip-on zinger and sheath for a safe carry.

The small scissors are also ideal for trimming tag end or last minute fly trims.
The clip-on reel, which can be attached to a D-ring of a bag or vest without making a hole, can rotate 360 ° and pull out the scissors in all directions.

● Scissors with a case and pin-on zinger. It can be conveniently used for on-river or lake fly trimming.
● The pin-on zinger body rotates 360 °, and the cord can be pulled out with ease.

Weight: 17g
Weight incl. Package: 22.5g

CFA-72/WS art.