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Airflo Superflo Tactical Floating Fly Line

by Airflo

This exciting new line from Airflo is exactly what you want to be casting when fish are carefully picking off mayfly, caddis or willow grubs. Expect delicate presentation and excellent control at distance.


Some fish are afraid of their own shadow. Others have seen every fly known to man. So when you're up against the absolute pickiest of eaters, it's time to get technical.


  • Color Cloud / Grass
  • Delicate Front Taper
  • Extended Rear Taper
  • Gentle Presentations
  • Haul zone extends usable head length
  • Ultra-thin running line shoots like great and takes less spool space
  • Looped on both ends


Line Size Color Head Weight* Head Length Sink Rate Total Length
WF2F Cloud / Grass 80 40' Float 82.5'
WF3F Cloud / Grass 100 42' Float 82.5'
WF4F Cloud / Grass 120 44' Float 90'
WF5F Cloud / Grass 140 46' Float 90'
WF6F Cloud / Grass 160 46' Float 90'

*Head Weight at 30'