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Vision Rivermaniac Flyfishing Outfit/Package

by Vision
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The Maniac range is Vision's most popular range. The rods are Korean built and perform better than anything else in their price range. Add to that the lightweight, fully machined XLV reels + Scientific Anglers best line - and you have an outfit that will totally crush it on the rivers. 

A great range of Korean built rods put into this winning outfit by Vision.

Maniac Family was born to be a project of special ones. Maniac rod series are tuned to perform in certain fishing types without any compromises.

Rivermaniac is the newest kid in the Maniac Family. Following the successful launch of Nymphmaniac and Stillmaniac, Vision wanted to design a legit river fishing all-rounder into the family. Rivermaniac series is the ultimate tool for every kind of river fishing situation.

Rod comes supplied in a hard tube and the reel in a protective case.

The outfit comes rigged (by us) and ready to fish.

What's Included

You have the choice in which line weight you go with. Here's a breakdown to help with the decision-making.

3 Weight Outfit

Rivermaniac 3 Weight 9ft 4 Piece - 71 Grams - Medium Action

Flyfishing small streams or "twig water" as it is affectionately known here, is one of the most exciting forms of flyfishing. In Victoria we are blessed with a huge number of trout packed creeks that are shallow and very clear. Three weight lines are thin and don't splat on the water like the heavier line weights - making you more stealthy. Best of all, three weight rods are super light and they bend very easily, making catching small fish a pure joy. 9ft rods are the easiest length to cast and the help you manage your line to achieve a drag free drift.

4 Weight Outfit

Rivermaniac 4 Weight 9ft 4 Piece - 72 Grams - Medium Action

If all you fished was Aussie rivers and you wanted one rod that could do pretty much all of it, this is it. The 4 weight is light enough that you can fish a tiny dry with delicacy, but if you wish to throw a hopper, or a dry fly with a nymph underneath, you can. What it can't do is cast a big streamer, or cope with a lot of wind in exposed valleys or lakes... and so for that you'd ideally bump up a line size or two...
9ft rods are the easiest length to cast and the help you manage your line to achieve a drag free drift.

5 Weight Outfit

Rivermaniac 5 Weight 9ft 4 Piece - 78 Grams - Fast Action

The most popular line weight the world over, a 5 weight has the power to make learning to cast easy, and allows you to fish bigger rivers and lakes. If you're just starting out, this would be the minimum weight we'd suggest starting with. With a 5, you'll be able to get the fly where it needs to be to catch fish, sooner than if you start with something lighter. A 5 weight is ideal for casting a bit of weight or an air resistant indicator and it can cope well in wind. It's not the ideal choice, but it can be used for the majority of lake fishing as well. A true all-rounder.

6 Weight Outfit

Rivermaniac 6 Weight 9ft 4 Piece - 96 Grams - Fast Action

We recommend a 6 for quick, accurate casting on lakes, fishing streamers, for bigger rivers where we might be fishing heavy nymphs, and for fishing in windy places like Tassie or New Zealand. A 6 weight is also perfect for fishing from a boat if that's your jam. If you could pick one line weight to learn to cast with, the 6 weight is the one... but equally it's a rod that will see a lot of fishing, as trout seem to love windy places...!




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