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Tie-Fast Magnum Combo Tool


Crazy handy nippers with four tools!


The simplest way to tie a nail knot? Just use the Tie-Fast Magnum Knot Tier Combo Fly Fishing Tool. This handy accessory is a fly fishing must-have, for not only does it make tying a wide range of essential knots quick and painless, it handles other dirty little chores as well. It's equipped with an eye cleaning needle, and it also has a line cutter with extremely sharp snips that can easily handle heavy line. The unique snip blades can be quickly re-sharpened with a flat file or wet stone (not included). Comes with knot tying instructions. Made in USA.


    • Fastest, easiest way to tie critical fly fishing knots
    • Combo tool is equipped with an eye cleaner
    • Also features an extremely sharp line snipper
    • Cutter blades can be quickly re-sharpened
    • Includes knot tying instructions

Customer Reviews

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Iain McCleary
Tie-FastMagnum Combo Tool

Very good tool works well for me.