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Stonfo Dubbing Hair Clip - Small

by Stonfo

Hair clips indispensable to make a dubbing loop using various types of hair and hackles. Made of strong clear plastic material their shape is designed to simplify the use. The locking surfaces have a slight roughness that allows perfect clamping of the fibers.

  • This is the small size and the jaw is 28mm wide.
  • 2 in a pack.


Our View


These dubbing clips are high quality and easy to use. This size is perfect for tying small flies.


Made in Italy.

Customer Reviews

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Great Tool

The Stonfo Dubbing Hair Clips are an essential tool for any fly tying enthusiast. These clips are strong and hold materials securely, making it easy to work with different types of dubbing, hair, and feathers. The unique design of these clips allows for easy access to your materials while you tie your flies, and the non-slip grip ensures that everything stays in place. The clips are also durable and built to last, making them a great investment for any serious fly tier. Overall, the Stonfo Dubbing Hair Clips are an excellent addition to any fly tying kit and I highly recommend them.