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Smith Creek Rig Keeper


The Smith Creek Rig Keeper™ is the dropper rig system that allows anglers to easily carry multiple hook rigs that are held securely and protected from damage or loss by its patented exposed ribs. It holds all types of dropper rigs; Czech, truck and trailer, dry fly and dropper, multiple wets, even works with salmon and steelhead setups. But whatever the style it holds leaders and rigs without tangles and it’s quick and simple to use. 

As well as having a place to store the rigs that you’ve just changed out, it’s a real advantage to be able to pre-make dropper rigs the night before and having them ready to use on the day. Not spending valuable time making up rigs while you’re fishing means more time with your flies on the water. You can wear it, pocket it or throw it in your tackle box, the exposed ribs keep flies and hook from getting hung up and damaged.

Our View

The Smith Creek Rig Keeper is one of the most convenient products we've ever used. When fishing dry/dropper or multi nymph rigs it can get tedious it consumes a lot of time when you're always changing flies, tippet length, or adjusting for more depth. The Rig Keeper allows you to change dropper rigs seamlessly. Even construct several the night before you hit the water and have all your depth options stored, untangled, and at the ready. It may be simple, but the Rig Keeper is a complete game changer!