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Semperfli Nano Silk 'Predator' Thread 100D 6/0

Color: olive

Nano Silk is an amazing fly tying silk. No colour rub off with this new Nano Silk! Made from Gel Spun Yarn, (gsp) is the strongest fly tying yarn you will find but so thin it can be made to disappear! We use the 6/0 yarn for predator and sea fishing patterns. It is ultra strong and designed for those large flies!

  • Specially formulated Gel Spun Polyethylene for extra strength
  • 100 Denier 100D
  • Thread Aught (or /0 sizing) 18/0
  • Breaking Strains 3,800gm / 8.4lb strongest in test
  • Recommended hook size guide #10-#2/0 and larger
  • Use as Pink fly tying thread
  • 50m per spool