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Premium Lake Fly Collection

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This premium collection of flies has been hand-picked by the best guide in Victoria! Yes, that's Scotty Xanthoulakis from Wilderness Fly Fishing. This assortment of 24 flies (12 dries & 12 wet flies) is sure to give you a versatile and deadly effective range for fishing any lake. Comes complete with an Eden two-sided foam slotted fly box!

Our View
The perfect assortment of flies to help you find success on a lake.

24 Flies 

12 Dry Flies 
12 Wet Flies 

Wet Flies

BH Black Bugger Size 10
Claret Bugger Size 10 
McGoo Tungsten Size 10
Eyed Green Machine Size 8
DY’s Damsel Dark Olive Size 12
Olive BMS Size 8 
Hot Head Stick Caddis Size 12 
Flashback Pheasant Tail Size 12
EP Spider Mudeye Size 10
Brown Seals Fur Nymph Size 12
Flashback Pheasant Tail GB Size 14 
Scintilla Stick Caddis Size 14 

Dry Flies 

Choc Para Dun Size 12
Parachute Orange Spinner Size 12
Red Tag Size 12 
Bassano Possum Emerger Size 12
Elk Hair Caddis Grey Size 14 
Highland Dun Size 12
Barry Lodge Emerger Size 12
Scott’s Bicolour Paradun Size 12
Gum Beetle Size 12 
Black Parachute Spinner Size 12 
Klinkhammer Black Size 16
Shaving Brush Size 12