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New Zealand Strike Indicator Tool Kit


This is the ultimate indicator system. Using it, you will find yourself more regularly adjusting it to the depth you're confronted with and catching more fish.


This innovative and patented tool system will allow you to easily make and remove strike indicators. In less than 10 seconds you can be fishing. You can adjust the depth of your nymph. If fish start rising you can remove the indicator within a couple seconds.

Adjust your indicator so that your nymph is presented exactly in the Trout’s Strike Zone. You can also trim your indicator to different sizes to match conditions. 

  • There are no weaknesses or kinks as our system is 100% knotless.
  • Indicator will not slip -- even with a huge fish on the line, aggressive casting or high wind conditions -- yet is easily adjusted by the angler when desired.
  • If the fish start rising, no problem -- just takes a second to remove the indicator so you can start dry fly fishing immediately.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Stewart Middleton

Yet to use purchased products. Looking forward to a week in Tasmania and will write a review on my return. What I will say is your service and expertise has been exemplary to date. Thanks Stuart

Tristan Durante
Great indicator system

My favorite indicator system, the tool makes putting the tubing over your leader very quick and easy. It comes with a few pre-cut lengths on the tool as well so it is ready to go out of the package. One of the best benefits is that it allows you to set and adjust your depth so easily by just sliding it up or down your leader and it stays where you want it and doesn't damage the leader. A good tip is to really separate and fluff up the wool as much as you can before putting on your leader then add a bit of gel floatant to the wool and it will float all day and hold up a decent double nymph rig no worries. Great product and would recommend this tool kit to anyone looking to give this style a go.

NZ strike indicator

A great way for single nymph set up very affective on sensitive takes

Joe McKinlay
No strike indicator

Great product so easy to use, highly recommended

Evan Hudson

Easily the best form of indicator there is. I’m about 6 sessions in still using the same piece of wool and tubing. Love it.