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Frog Hair 12ft Spring Creek Tapered Leader (12ft)

Extra supple butt section allows for the most delicate presentation using a single dry fly.
Our View
These are our preferred choice in monofilament leaders where maximum stealth is required.

• Supple Butt
• Extra supple butt section provides for tighter loops 
• Superior knot strength 
• Incredible toughness 
• Built-in shock resistance
• Includes perfection loop

Size Tippet Diameter Test Strength Butt Diameter
5X-4# 0.006" (0.152 mm) 4.4 lb (2.0 kg) 0.021" (0.580 mm)
4X-5# 0.007" (0.178 mm) 5.5 lb (2.5 kg) 0.021" (0.580 mm)

Customer Reviews

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Glen Terry
Frog Hair 12ft Spring Creek Tapered Leader (12ft)?

Spring creek stream, tight vegetation, no room for back cast, patroling browns in clear water picking up emergers in 15cm of clear water near the bank, bow and arrow cast with no shooting line in the water, tip up with just the 12ft frog hair spring creek tp , size 20 em pattern , immdiate take no hesitation.