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Airflo Sweep Sinking Fly Line

by Airflo

These lines are extremely popular among the world's competition fly fishers. If you like to catch fish, no matter the conditions then you simply must have an arsenal of Sixth Sense fly lines.


With a faster sinking belly and slower sinking tip and running line, this range of Sinking flylines follows a U shaped path through the water column. 

The diving action of your flies getting pulled downwards by the belly make an attractive movement and the steeper angle at the end of the retrieve gives an almost vertical when you using faster sinking models making them absolutely perfect for fishing ’Strip & hang’ techniques.

The 7 Weight is 200 grain and cast's beautifully on a 6 OR 7 Weight.


  • All lines are 35yds long
  • Available in three types of sinkersDi3, Di5 and and Di7 belly sink rates.
  • Di3: Tip sink rate, 1.5'' per second / belly sinks rate, 3" per second,
  • Di5: Tip sink rate, 3'' per second / belly sinks rate, 5" per second
  • Di7: Tip sink rate, 5'' per second / belly sinks rate, 7" per second