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Airflo Sixth Sense Sinking Fly Lines

by Airflo

These lines are extremely popular among the world's competition fly fishers. If you like to catch fish, no matter the conditions then you simply must have an arsenal of Sixth Sense fly lines.

Sixth sense lines are available in three different densities.

Slow Intermediate (Sinks at 0.5 inches per second)
Fast Intermediate (Sinks at 1.5 inches per second)
Di3 (Sinks at roughly 3 inches per second)
Di5 (Sinks at roughly 5 inches per second)
Di7 (Sinks at roughly 7 inches per second)
Di8 (Sinks at roughly 8 inches per second)

If you have a 6 weight, we suggest ordering a 6/7 Weight. If you have a 7 weight, we suggest the 7/8.


As true masters of sinking line technology, remember we’re the guys who created density compensation, low stretch cores, and a standardized sink rate system.

Knowing how much line you have left in the water is one of the keys to successful sunk line fishing. With our ‘Hang Marker’ system, you have color coded marks on your line, at 10’, 20’ and on the rear taper that clearly tell you how much is still down there.


  • Taper: Delta Taper
  • Core: Power Core
  • Range: WF 6/7-7/8
  • Coating: Polyfuse XT Dual-Layer System

Customer Reviews

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Hover line

Fantastic ultra-slow sinking line that I use for loch style techniques and nymphing. Fishes the top layers and keeps you in contact when the water surface is agitated. Love it.