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The Flyfisher's Podcast - Meet the Team - Peter Panopoulos

In todays episode of meet the team, Andrew sits down Flyfisher team member Peter.

Every new member of our team brings something to the table and in Peter’s case, it’s The Flyfisher’s Podcast. Listeners have him to thank for this production.

Peter first came to our attention on the other side of the counter. Regularly popping in to top up his fly box, and absorbing every bit of intel we could provide.

He finished school in 2021 and realised that to fuel the car and afford beer in a post pandemic world, he would have to hustle. So he got himself a job at JB Hifi. It’s that customer service training that had him hit the ground running when he started at The Flyfisher.

Of course being 18 years younger than myself, Peter looks at flyfishing through a fresh lens. It’s his passion and ideas that are helping push The Flyfisher into a new era.

We hope you enjoy learning more about Peter and what makes him tick in flyfishing.

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