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The Flyfisher's Podcast - Episode 13 - Behind the Counter - 4/09/2022

In this episode of behind the counter, we're joined by special guest, Dan Mamrot. Dan is our in-house rod builder and repairer. He's an avid flyfisher and provides a unique perspective on all things flyfishing.

We run through some exciting new gear such as the innovative C&F Design universal system fly boxes. We discuss our limited run of early season fly collections which aim to optimise your time on the water when flows are high. These boxes provide a range of carefully curated flies all the way from heavy Copper John nymphs to high-vis dries for when the fish start to look up.

Hear about our recent fishing adventures including Forbes's day fishing the rising waters of Tullaroop, and Andrew and Peter's Day on Lake Purrumbete.


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