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5 Expert Tips for Sustainable Flyfishing

5 Expert Tips for Sustainable Flyfishing

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This post will delve deeper into five essential tips to embrace sustainable flyfishing practices - helping to preserve the environment we love while enjoying the thrill of flyfishing!

1. Embrace Thoughtful Purchases

In our pursuit of the best flyfishing gear, it's essential to resist the constant urge to upgrade. Prioritise your needs over wants by carefully assessing each purchase. Buying the best quality you can afford does a lot to save the environment. 

Opt for gear that suits your specific flyfishing requirements and eliminates unnecessary purchases. By buying less and choosing thoughtfully, we reduce our environmental impact while conserving our resources.

2. Dispose of waste tippet properly

We've all done it, you clip the tag end off after you've knotted the fly on and not given it a second thought.

Nylon will last around 600 years in a freshwater environment. Do the right thing and hold on to any offcuts then dispose of them properly when you get home.

There are some great accessories out there to make the task easy, but none better than the Smith Creek Spent Line Wrangler.

3. Opt for Versatility and Multi-Purpose Gear

Australia's diverse landscapes offer plenty of outdoor activities beyond flyfishing, such as hiking, camping, and more. When selecting gear, seek versatile options that cater to multiple outdoor pursuits. A high-quality rain jacket, suitable for both fishing and hiking adventures, is a sustainable choice that reduces the need for separate items. 

Brands like Simms and Orvis offer gear that seamlessly transitions between various outdoor activities, making them ideal for the environmentally conscious angler.

4. Support Sustainable Brands

As Australian fly anglers, let's rally behind brands that prioritise sustainability and eco-friendly practices. Most of the major flyfishing brands are working hard to do their bit but the ones that stand out most at the moment are Fishpond and Orvis. 

Choosing sustainable brands not only promotes responsible fishing but also strengthens those comopanies that are doing their bit. Our collective support can lead the way in fostering a more sustainable flyfishing industry.

5. Extend Gear Life through Repair and Reuse

Australian anglers know the value of taking care of their gear. When faced with damaged or worn-out equipment, consider repairs before rushing to replace it. Most of the major brands have repair services for their products, encouraging a culture of reuse and longevity. 

As stewards of the environment, we must embrace repair and reuse practices to minimise waste and extend the life of our flyfishing gear.

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