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What to do When you Break Your Fly Rod

So, you've had a little mishap and broken your fly rod... firstly, stop panicking!

Almost every fly fisher has broken a fly rod at some point so don't worry, you're not alone. We process hundreds of warranties and repairs every season so we're well trained in getting you back on the water fast.

If a rod breaks, it’s basically never the rods fault. Every fly rod is stress tested before supply and so it’s highly unlikely you have a lemon. Regardless, rod guarantees are such that it doesn’t matter how they break, you’re covered anyway.

With the volume of repairs we do every year, it's important you follow these instructions so we can get you back fishing fast.

If you're local, pop in and drop your rod off. If you're not, it will have to be posted in.

We need the rod returned as it was supplied to you in the first place. That is, the complete rod including broken pieces, in its rod sock, in it's original rod tube.

If you're delivering it, we need these details.

Full Name - 
Mobile Phone Number - 
Email Address - 
Return delivery address -

We recommend you post it to us with tracking and insurance.

How long does it take?

At the time of writing, here's a rough indication of how long each company takes to process a warranty/repair.

Sage 6-12 Months

Orvis 1 Month

Scott 1-2 Months

Primal 1 Month

Eden 1 Day

Winston 3 Months

Vision 1-3 Months

Hanak 2-3 Months

Hardy 2-3 Months

How much does it cost to process?

Sage $200 For most models 2010 Onwards, $350 For most models 1990 - 2010,
Unrepairable models include SP, SLT, RP, SP+

Orvis $200

Scott $200

Primal $150

Eden $80

Winston $350+

Vision $100-$200

Hanak $200

Hardy $100

Checking on the progress of your repair won't speed up the process. Have faith we know what we're doing, it's in the system and we'll be in touch as soon as it's ready.