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Shot on location in: Brazil, Mongolia, Belize, Christmas Island, Louisiana, Florida Keys, Utah & California. SOULFISH is an adventure to the farthermost corners of the globe to try and find the Soul of fly-fishing. Explore the minds and travel habits of some of the most dedicated anglers on this planet. See exotic sport fish in their native waters. Witness some of the most explosive and breathtaking footage of fly-fishing ever captured on film Join Mikey Wier and Peter Mullett as they search for the largest trout on earth in the outermost region of Mongolia. Watch as Andy Burk gets an Atomic Wedgie from Peacock Bass in the Brazilian Amazon. Check in with prodigy Loren Elliott, as he searches for the coveted Super Grand Slam of salt water fly-fishing off the coast of Belize. Get a glimpse of what it is like for Justin Rea and Kyle Giampaoli to be top-notch professional guides in one of the oldest and most famous areas for salt water fly-fishing, the Florida Keys. Come fish poppers for Red Fish in the Gulf of Mexico, off the coast of Louisiana, with some of the Hurricane Katrina survivors. Take a trip to one of the most prestigious salt water destinations today, Christmas Island, with professional fly fisher Rachel Andras. See what it's like to go head to head with one of the best fishermen in the United States, Fly-Fishing Champion, Lance Egan. Also hear a bit about the rich history of the sport of fly-fishing from some of the pioneers, including Lefty Kreh, Brian O'Keefe and Jack Dennis. SOULFISH is a multidimensional story about fly-fishing today and an in-depth look at some of the sport's most interesting characters. This is a fun-filled movie you won't want to miss. Experience what it's like to have an 80 pound tarpon grab your fly just feet from the boat. Maybe the most Soulful aspect of fly-fishing is sharing the experience with your best friend. 



Runtime 130 minutes.
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